Ensuring a better future

The core essence for all of our revolutionary products is BeBetter Foam™, a proprietary MDI based formula for making elastomeric, microcellular, non-toxic, open cell foam made from renewable resources that:

  • 1. Are not harmful to the environment
  • 2. Have exceptional strength
  • 3. Safe to manufacture
  • 4. Are completely manufactured by AIRTech in California

The result:

  • 1. Unique, environmentally-responsible foam/sponge products
  • 2. Non-toxic and non-flammable
  • 3. High oil absorption rate vs. the competition
  • 4. Customizable to meet the needs of clients in multiple industries
  • 5. Simple to manufacture
  • 6. Reusable (lasts longer than other foams)
  • 7. Highly profitable
BeBetter Foam
Hydrophobic Repels Water
Contains plant-Based Renewable Resources
Carbon Negative Footprint
EPA Approved for use in Waterways
Magnet-Like Grease and Grime Absorbing Power
No Petroleum By-Products
Latex Free
PH Neutral

Our solutions to your oil clean up needs range from oil booms for large ocean clean-ups to small,hand-sized AIRTech Sponges that may be used for smaller jobs