Ensuring a better future

Oil spills are reported every day in the United States. Few spills are environmental disasters of national or global significance; most of the three million gallons of oil that is spilled into U.S. waters each year goes unnoticed by the public. Regardless of the level of public awareness in each case, natural resources such as fish, corals, marine mammals, sea turtles, birds, beaches, coastal habitats, and water quality are often negatively affected, as are the businesses and industries which depend on the immediate and long-term health of these resources.

Our foam formulas are plant-based, made from American grown renewable resources, and have the highest carbon negative values in the foam industry.

AIRTech’s mission is to become the recognized leader in bringing environmentally safe, oil absorbing foam products to market. AIRTech has identified numerous vertical markets for its products and more opportunities will arise as the company gains recognition for its technologies. A small sampling of the Company’s markets are:

  • Oil Containment
  • Oil Absorption and Reclamation
  • Pollution Detection.