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BeBetter Foam Historical Timeline 2010-2013

  • Smart Foam

    Formulated and purchased the exclusive rights to SmartFoam

  • Manufacturing Equipment

    Purchased manufacturing equipment to produce SmartFoam

  • Manufacturing Facility

    Set up manufacturing facility to produce SmartFoam in Mira Loma, CA

  • Testing Foam

    Concept testing of our foam and booms

  • Testing booms in Alamitos Bay

    Received approval from the California Coastal Commission to place and test our booms in Channel 1 of Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, CA

  • OX28 launch in Dana Point Harbor

    OX28 launch in Dana Point Harbor- Testing mechanics of our system in the ocean

  • EPA Approval

    Received approval from the EPA

  • Clean up of Laurel, Montana

    Tested our products during the clean-up of the Laurel, Montana Refinery Oil Spill on the Yellowstone River

  • Tesed Smartfoam booms in Los Cerritos Wetlands

    Tested SmartFoam booms in the Los Cerritos Wetlands with Lenny Arkinstall (National Geographic published a story on the Wetlands)

  • S&N Labs testing of BeBetter Foam

    S&N Labs third party testing of our foam: Results indicated that our foam extracted harmful hydrocarbons and silicones

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife

    Received approval from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • SPF 5000

    Created a line of oil absorbing pads

  • Oil Extractors

    Created two models of oil extractors

  • Union Pacific tested extractor and pads

    Sent pads and the extractor for testing to Union Pacific

  • Tested for placement with CalTrans.

    Testing our oil remediation products with Montgomery and Associates for placement with CalTrans.

  • Tested pads at Oil refineries

    Sent pads and booms for testing behind multiple oil refineries throughout the United States

  • Saving Wildlife

    Testing SmartFoam to help protect and save wildlife that have been subjected to oil spills with  foundations, such as the Audubon Society

  • Changed name of SmartFoam to BeBetter Foam™